AntiSpam solutions for businesses from 10 to 120,000 users.
CanIt-PRO is an antispam email software designed for businesses of all sizes. For challenging e-mail environments that include enterprises, campuses. CanIt-PRO filters e-mail efficiently, effectively and affordably.
With CanIt-PRO, administrators block spam by configuring the system and setting global policies centrally then making them available to end-users, who enroll via a web interface.

The CanIt-PRO AntiSpam Solution Provides:,

  • Customizable and scalable spam and virus protection
  • Automatic updates on spam software
  • Inbound and outbound mail scanning
  • Per-user Bayesian analysis, whitelists, blacklists, rules and quarantines
  • Software or Appliance spam blocking options
  • Simple Administration

Providing extensive end-user controls, CanIt-PRO users can choose from a customizable list of spam filtering options such as high, medium, or low spam scanning, or choose the 'Expert Interface' for more granular controls.

Available as either software or a plug-and-play "soft-appliance", CanIt-PRO includes anti-virus options and source code - providing the ultimate in customizability.

CanIt-PRO is a spam protection solution that is being used by companies with 20 - 120,000 e-mail users. Visit our featured customer pages and see who's using CanIt-PRO!

Junk Mail Removal

Junk mail is not just a harmless nuisance. It is the delivery mechanism used by spammers to bring viruses onto your network and your clients desktops. In a worse case scenario it can take over your computers and use them to send spam to other computers. Roaring Penguin Software makes junk email filters that will protect your co-workers and let you sleep at night

CanIt™ anti-spam software offers the flexibility to optionally filter internal e-mail and outbound e-mail, helping you to enforce communication policies.


All of the CanIt solutions eliminate a broad range of Email Threats. Whether it is spam, viruses, phishing, or zombie attacks, Roaring Penguin's anti-spam solutions will identify malicious content and keep it off your network.

Automatic, timely, and highly secure rule updates eliminate the need for ongoing manual tuning and maintenance to catch emerging threats. The Roaring Penguin update service helps ensure that all CanIt users are running the most up-to-date rules and using the most up-to-date software engine. System Administrators can choose to automatically download the updates and upgrades or to download them manually.

Comprehensive reporting gives administrators a powerful tool to take to managers and users to show the effectiveness of the CanIt family of anti-spam solutions.

Fast, Accurate Detection. Over 98 % + accuracy with low false positives.


Temporary Storage CanIt-PRO will store messages locally for a period of 5 days by default in the event that the destination server is unavailable. This can be configured to a different length if needed.


CanIt-PRO will issue standard SMTP rejection codes during the SMTP transaction in the following cases:

  • The message has scored high enough to be automatically rejected by CanIt-PRO.
  • The message will be rejected with a 5xx error code. The message has been scanned and hit a rule that indicates the message should be rejected. The message will be rejected with a 5xx error code.
  • The sending system has attempted to send to an unknown user (Users are verified by an SMTP pass through or via LDAP or Active Directory integration and can be configured on a per domain or sub-domain basis). The RCPT TO command will be issued a 5xx error code.
  • The message has already been seen by the CanIt-PRO system and the user has manually flagged the message as spam. The message is rejected with a 5xx error code.

Email Security Software

CanIt-PRO protects users from seeing other users data, settings and incidents. A regular user will not be able to adjust, manage or otherwise interact with any settings or information on the system that does not relate to their account. Administrators of the system are granted access to manage these settings on the users' behalf.


CanIt-PRO provides the ability for end users to manage their own settings and options. They can manage how mail is detected as spam, if it is to be automatically rejected (discarded), held in a trap or tagged and passed through. Users also can manage their own rules for whitelisting, blacklisting, content filtering, DNSBLs, Bayesian settings and so on. Administrators can set permissions to restrict the settings users have access to.

In specific cases other users can be granted access to manage another user's settings. This is done by explicitly indicating which accounts a user has access to manage. This is done by the administrator of the system.

Mail Statistics

CanIt-PRO provides detailed reports about the mail that it has processed. Reports can be generated for the system as a whole or for specific domains. These reports allow Administrators and Site Administrators the ability to see how the system is performing. Reports summarizing the following information are available:

  • Daily mail statistics - How messages were classified on a daily basis.
  • Hourly mail statistics – How messages were classified on an hourly basis.
  • Top Viruses – A list of the most common viruses found.
  • Top Recipients – A listing of the most common recipients of spam.
  • Top Mail Countries – A listing of the countries that send the most amount of spam.
  • And many more.

These reports can be generated on an as-needed basis or can be configured to be automatically generated from within the CanIt-PRO anti-spam program and emailed as PDF attachments. CanIt-PRO anti-spam solution

Canit Anti-Spam Interface