B2E have built and now deliver an outsourced VPN, Secure Email, Web and File Server platform to its clients based on UNIX (FreeBSD). This platform and the architecture behind it delivers on the promise of a managed, scalable and cost effective outsourced solution named Edge. 

Edge is a fully managed and supported UNIX server located within your companies LAN (Local Area Network) environment. B2E is additionally responsible for client licensing, virus scanning and external network security.

The explosive growth of e-mail and web services has created technical and management challenges for some IT departments. The  medium of creating email accounts, maintaining user lists, trouble-shooting desktop and remote clients, monitoring servers, administering security, content filters and planning/deploying system upgrades, sometimes strain overburdened IT resources. Email management carries with it not only acquisition and operational costs (hardware, software, personnel, etc.) but also missed opportunity costs.

VPN Overview - Transmitting information across the Internet is by nature an insecure method of transmitting data. More users are going mobile daily and VPN in general has gone and continues to evolve into a platform that provides compatibility for multiple client machines, ease of use for end users, and ease of administration.  B2E has created a dynamic VPN solution to integrate offices directly with one another as well as link users remotely to their environments. B2E offers this all in one VPN integration with the edge server.

Email Overview - Email is becoming more important each day as a method of communication. As a result choosing a mature and complete mail server for your business is critical. Organisations need a robust yet easy to manage mail system and reliable technical support from the system vendor.

Technical Features

Edge enables a multi-domain, unlimited mail user service which creates a stable, scalable and inexpensive email solution.

Squid Proxy offers high speed cached Internet access.

Using “Packet Filter” the firewall module of Edge secures the internal network (LAN) from the external network (The Internet). 

Complete NAT (Network Address Translation) gateway functionality gives internal users the additional security of using non-routable “private” IP addresses. NAT also protects the network by only exposing one IP address to the Internet. Multi branch connectivity and routing ability allows Edge to be deployed in a VPN environment.

Dynamic DNS
Over ADSL and wireless solutions, Dynamic DNS can be used for management and VPN solutions. B2E offers its own Dynamic DNS service with all Edge Servers.

PPPOE VPN Solution using any of the following systems.  L2TP, IPSEC over L2TP, OPEN VPN, Dynamic DNS integration and certificate authentication.

File Server
Edge server can run as a system file server and domain controller for user profiles and logon security. Access can be created for network shares for groups or the company.

Logging and Reporting
Complete statistics available for the following:

IP and per user based logging for URL’s, time on-line and bandwidth consumed.

Mail traffic breakdown, email traffic analysis and time received.

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Edge Server Interface