B2E's enhanced fax 2 email service transforms your email account into a fax machine. We enable you to receive faxes in your email account. The fax will come as an email attachment that will be delivered to your personal or business email address. You will be able to send all office formats from your inbox to all your recpients without leaving your chair.


  • The fax can then be opened and viewed effortlessly with the Imaging fax viewer that comes with Windows. This viewer is capable of viewing multiple page documents.
  • Receiving a fax 2 email through B2E's fax 2 email service is easy. When you register, we will assign you a fax number and link it to an email of choice.
  • The service is totally free for all incoming faxes to your assigned number.
  • All faxes coming through in "TIFF" format which is viewable on Windows, MAC and Linux
  • Benefits includes having all your faxes routed to group emails and being able to forward faxes realiabily around the office.


  • Send faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and other email clients.
  • Support all multiple file formats - xls, doc, ppt, txt, pdf.
  • Simply write your email, attach your document and send to your VAX number assigned to you.
  • Sending faxes are charged at fixed rates. (Please request rate sheet)

Additional Notes

Faxes are archived for 3 days.

No software is required to send or receive faxes except for your email client.


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