Beginning 2 End Technologies has achieved on its BEE path moving from a level 5, up to a level 3 for our Broad-Based BEE Status. Our Broad-based BEE Procurement Recognition Level is at 110% and we will strive to improve on this going forward.

We have undertaken several initiatives as well to help children improve their life skills. B2E has sponsored several previously disadvantaged children in the South Africa scouting arena.

We have specifically helped at 1st Kengray Scout troop allowing children who cannot afford annual fees and uniforms, get these basics and the opportunity to learn about scouting and the benefits in life scouting can offer them as they grow up. Education is important but the confidence and approach children take on life is just as important and we will continue to apply these values and support existing children and newcomers.

Our certificate which has been compiled by PKF BEE Solutions (Pty) Ltd is available for download.