Neobroadband Fibre Neobroadband Fibre Neobroadband Fibre Neobroadband Fibre
600GB Max Traffic Capable 1'500GB Max Traffic Capable 3'000GB Max Traffic Capable 4'500GB Max Traffic Capable
300GB Soft Cap (FUP) 750GB Soft Cap (FUP) 1'500GB Soft Cap (FUP) 2'250GB Soft Cap (FUP)
1Mbps Rate Limit (FUP) 2.5Mbps Rate Limit (FUP) 5Mbps Rate Limit (FUP) 7.5Mbps Rate Limit (FUP)
OneAccess 150 Router OneAccess 150 Router OneAccess 150 Router OneAccess 150 Router
24 Month Term 24 Month Term 24 Month Term 24 Month Term
R1'500 Setup Fee R1'500 Setup Fee R1'500 Setup Fee R1'500 Setup Fee








Neobroadband Fibre Neobroadband Fibre Neobroadband Fibre
9'000GB Max Traffic Capable 15'000GB Max Traffic Capable 30'000GB Max Traffic Capable
4'500GB Soft Cap (FUP) 7'500GB Soft Cap (FUP) 15'000GB Soft Cap (FUP)
15Mbps Rate Limit (FUP) 25Mbps Rate Limit (FUP) 50Mbps Rate Limit (FUP)
OneAccess 1645 Router OneAccess 1645 Router OneAccess 1645 Router
24 Month Term 24 Month Term 24 Month Term
R1'500 Setup Fee R1'500 Setup Fee R1'500 Setup Fee
All prices Exclude VAT


Fibre is Symmetrical 

This means that your upload and download speeds are equally fast! Most currently available broadband services are asymmetrical, which frequently results in poor upload speeds. Our fibre solution provides equal upload and download speeds, ensuring that important emails with large attachments or urgent work documents that you need to upload will always go through at high speeds. 

Low Contention 

Contention Ratio refers to the number of users sharing, or contending for, the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio, the higher the quality of service. A 10:1 contention ratio means that up to 10 broadband customers are sharing the same capacity at any one time. 

NeoBroadband has a substantially lower contention ratio than most competitive broadband offerings. 

Superior Fibre Network 

Our fibre network suffers from no congestion, resulting in superior speeds and low latencies. It is also unaffected by copper theft which all too frequently leaves your business stranded without connectivity for days on end – severely impacting your ability to trade, lowering productivity and putting pressure on your bottom line. 

Single Point of Contact 

We offer end-to-end customer support for all service issues, so you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors and service providers. 

“Best-Effort” Service 

In lieu of no SLA attached to the NeoBroadband service, our enterprise service desk and IP consultants are always available to assist you at all times. 


Neotel will include a new configured router on any new NeoBroadBand service. There will however be a charge of R800 if you wish to upgrade your existing router to support the 30Mbps to 100Mbps speeds. 

Additional Voice Services 

Voice services are available with NeoBroadband. We offer a bundled deal with your NeoBroadband service, providing 12 SIP Channels for just R550 extra per month (excluding calls)

NeotelBroadband Booster 

Neotel offer its NeoBroadBand 2,5 and 10Mbps costumers the option to boost their service when required. 


  • A once-off fee of R1,500 is applicable to all new services for site surveying and installation costs. 
  • Prices are subject to a minimum contract term of 24 months. 
  • NO SMTP Relay is offered with NeoBroadband. 
  • Each service is allocated 5 Static Public IP addresses. If a NAT solution is required, only 1 Public IP address will be made available. 
  • No extra Public IP addresses will be offered. 

Upon reaching your Soft Cap limit for the month, your line speed will be halved for the remainder of the month. No further restrictions or limitations will be placed on your line while it is rate limited and your connection will remain uncapped and unshaped for this period. 

At the beginning of a new month of service, your line speed will revert to its base profile. 


NeoBroadband Fibre is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. All services are coverage dependant. 

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