B2E offer networking service level agreements to customers who require skills in managing their IT requirements. These SLA's can vary from managing an entire network from servers, desktops, laptops and printers, or to just managing certain critical services on the network.

B2E will offer specific response times applying to these services, to get quality service and timeous problem resolution.

Our agreements are flexible as each customers network varies as well as the customer requirements. Powerful call logging systems and support structures, allow monitoring of projects and call logs, keeping customers fully informed at all times.

B2E can provide the right resources whether they are technical or systems based, to link into the current life cycle of a company. Being able to integrate into existing systems or innovate strategically with companies, we will allow a company to grow and gain advantages over its competitors.

We have strong links with our partners, which allow us to be continually innovating and offering state of the art solutions.

Agreements can start at a few hours per month, through to having multiple engineers on site permanently.

We have long standing agreements with our partners and are therefore able to pass these benefits on to our customers.

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